Shabby Rag Rosey Rag Quilt



Shabby Rag Rosey Rag Quilt
Shabby Rag Rosey Rag Quilt

This was my first layered quilt with clipped “blooms”.

I love some of the rose quilts that have layers of cut fabric to create the roses but I didn’t want to have to carefully cut all of the pieces!  I designed this one to be made with 10” squares only.  I could use precuts or cut my own.  I made this from a Tanya Wheelan layer cake called Sunshine Roses, that is no longer available.

The magic of the blooms comes with layering the fabric, sewing the pre-printed rose pattern and then clipping through particular layers.  When it is washed, the flowers bloom and soften into a lovely, cozy quilt.

I will be creating another of these soon, it was so fun to make!  This pattern is available in my Etsy Shop, link below.


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